Cary Grant on break during the filming of Arsenic and Old Lace, 1941.
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"If you caricature friends in your first novel they will be upset, but if you don’t they will feel betrayed." —Mordecai Richler
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A peek inside the Mordecai Richler Reading Room at Concordia University - now home to the legendary Canadian author’s more than 5,000 books.

Richler’s books and personal possessions were donated by his family, and came from his cottage on Lake Memphremagog, in Quebec’s Eastern Townships — the place where Richler, who died in 2001, did some of his most important writing.

Writes his son, Jacob Richler, in this story for Maclean’s:

"His top-floor office there was vast and airy, spread out behind an enormous picture window four frames wide that afforded a perfect vantage of the length of Sargent’s Bay. Had you seen it you would likely have assumed that the glorious view had much to do with the comfort and serenity he found working there. But really it was about the peace and quiet. The view was secondary. A closer look at the place revealed that his desk faced away from the window; when his gaze lifted from his typewriter he saw only a wall of books."

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Shawn Bradfordeyes, 2014
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